Home Away From Home

by Elephants of Scotland

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Geograph 06:33
Water cuts through earth and rock With a patience well beyond our lives Current flow with undertow and Eddies swirl and undermine On the edge of sea and sand Waves rend granite into sand Eons push the mountains high Deserts over ancient seas Bury secrets of our life Wind rows swaying, forests creaking Roots clinging to the shore The changing seasons have no reason Snow and rain and sun and storm On the edge of sea and sand On the mean high water line On our feet but we just stand still Always hoping for a little more time Declination, azimuth, nautical and alidade Parallel of latitude, Tropical and boreal On the edge of a sinking land On the mean high water line On our heads knee deep in sand No point asking for a little more time
Full Power 05:39
Full the flowing lazies Stretched out on the platform Moongirl gazes starward Bets on falling marbles That part of love That sleeps inside Wakens briskly Full power Lost in elevation Forgetting her umbrella Moongirl runs for shelter Dodging falling marbles The part of love That opens wide Heads right for us Full Power Sitting on the car hood Laughing at the moongirls Hands together holding A pile of fallen marbles The part of love That shouts out loud Brings it on us Full Power
Starboard 08:54
Captain's gone / Lost at sea Sailed away from what he used to be Did he lose his way or mind? A moth to flames of things he couldn't find Poet, priest-stone God of stars Hands go out to touch the spirit's heart All along a numbing course To mask the pain or maybe something more “This Earth can not be round That sky is falling down But not on me From space I'll hear the sound Of stars as they drown and I'll be free” Starboard hands on the steering oar Captain left his charts on shore one more sip to seize the day did he lose his mind or way “This Earth can not be round That sky is falling down But not on me From space I'll hear the sound Of stars as they drown and I'll be free” Down went the sun; and up the mast out came the stars; out went the past He said, "All that I've heard from hearts and from minds are the thinnest truths our lives float upon." three miles out and he was gone.
The Seed 05:32
Take this seed Take it to the well Smell the flower grow up high as the roots head down where none can tell Take my word Keep it always in mind Pride can fill your eyes with joy Fill them up until you're blind Take a bite Work down to the bone Let the juice caress your tongue and taste the guilt alone Take what's left Throw it to the waves Hear them crash and fade away Sinking to their watery graves Take a jump Jump into the sea Feel the water in your hair and your lungs when you breathe
Crushed rocks over soil Metal alloys combusting oil Life draped in pressed vegetation and circle in perpetual migration Crushed rocks piled up mass metal alloys illuminate gas scattered designs - I can not tell What it means, this +@¢0 &£!! My kind know not of this way But I will learn if I choose to stay ... in this home away from home home away from home Life expands a moist cavity and fills it with organic debris The hole is closed and moves around and opens presenting the strangest sound My kind know not of this way But I will learn if I choose to stay in this home away from home home away from home Our kind came all of this way. This is home. We are here to stay.
Mr. McSquisitor could not be told that what was right or that what was old For him, time existed for spite not by law a thorn in his side a thorn in his paw Mr. McSquisitor was as young as the Earth not full of sinility nor childlike mirth Never a time came nor did one went for Mr. McSquisitor time only bent Do all of us seem to fly by As he walks from a Bye to a Hi? As he walks from here to then Will we ever see him again? the rocks upon the earth The cars upon the road the hands that we feel but never hold the buildings in the sky the things we meant to do the times we forgot or never knew


released January 15, 2013

Dan MacDonald - bass, vocals (lead on 5)
Ornan McLean - drums
Adam Rabin - synth, vocals
John Whyte - guitar, vocals (lead on 3)

produced by elephants of scotland
re-mixed and re-mastered by adam rabin (2020)
cover design by adam rabin

recorded at our home away from home in south burlington, vermont
drums recorded at egan media productions in colchester, vermont by joe egan and rob o’dea


all rights reserved



Elephants of Scotland Burlington, Vermont

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