The Perfect Map

from by Elephants of Scotland



A seasoned traveler was I
All this way and still hadn’t died
Thought I’d seen lands far and near
King of the road with no fear

Every day I ventured around
The path I had so beaten down
Knew every curve on the trail
Made my way back without fail

A perfect map carved into stone
Cracked along the roads that I’ve known
Seemed to work fine until then
Man plans and god laughs again

The edge of the world at my feet
Spent my days trolling the beach
Sifted through chaos and age
Boiled it all down to a page

Safe in the knowledge I found
I built my home on that ground
Circled with a towering fence
I order the random to sense

A perfect map written in sand
I held it so tightly in hand
I sank in the sea from the shore
Man plans and god laughs once more

One joke we always fall for
We plan and god laughs once more

Always time to let this one go
Always time to let come what may
Always time to take one more chance
Always time to throw it away

Always time to say what you meant
Always time to look back and shout
Always time to pull it apart
Always time to figure it out

A perfect map torn up and tossed
Go step by step until I’m lost
Trip as I skip to the end
Man plans and god laughs again


from The Perfect Map, released June 17, 2016
music: McLean, MacDonald, Rabin, & Whyte
doumbek: Joe Netzel


all rights reserved


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