Sun​-​Dipped Orphans and the Wizard's Teapot

from by Elephants of Scotland



The sun-dipped orphans
scrambled into the castle
and in the great hall did make
a perfect pyramid of ten.

Robot clowns were sent in,
programmed with the finest tricks.
The orphans showed neither joy nor fear.

Destroyed and deposited
red noses and fright wigs
melted in a sparking metal fire
at the bottom of the lake.

"When I have a mother some day,
I will know how healing works,
and that hurting and healing
ride the same seesaw."

Tumbling out of their pyramid,
the orphans circled
the Wizard's intoxicating teapot,

In they leaned until their heads met
temple to temple.
Boiling wisdom rose into the air.

"After education, surely we will be lovable."
Wizard: "No one loves the wise
Except the wise. And they are paranoid."

“If no one loves the wise except the wise
Why learn, then?”

A wet boom stopped the lesson.
Explosion from the lake.


from The Perfect Map, released June 17, 2016
music: Rabin / words: Skillman


all rights reserved


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