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Listen to the footsteps coming over the horizon!
Behold the people of the mousetrap in escape
Trotting toward the outland
with a heavy golden chalice
full of sacramental wine, they’re on their way

Supported on the shoulders
of the stronger in the tribe
they whisper prayers to their god who lives inside.
That heavy golden chalice
bubbling over in excitement
of the freedom and the alcohol combined.

Tails wrap around me just like octopus arms
retracting to leave a curl in the fur
Crawling on their bellies
In a peaceful sort of trance
the rodents seal me into a silken cocoon.

what gods demand when drunken
makes the devil laugh
trap the meat in slots of moments
locked in ever after


from Execute and Breathe, released April 1, 2014
lyrics: Skillman
music: Rabin, MacDonald, McLean, Whyte


all rights reserved


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