Endless (pt. 2)

from by Elephants of Scotland

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Don't know why it seems all so hard for me
It's just a matter of looking
and writing down all I see

Always trying to talk about the things we find
But words can't do it justice
and you cannot read my mind

There's something like a lighthouse
that shines onto the rocks
It blooms into a flower
grows wings and joins the flocks
From the endless plant birds
who wander then return
To the pile of battered sea craft
falling petals teach and learn

Never mind the footprints that lie upon your road
They've all been carbon dated to a long time ago
back to the days when people used to walk
way before our bodies had crumbled into chalk

I can't begin to tell you
of the things I wish I'd seen,
filmed and screened upon you
a new life inside my dream
The diamond wheel reminds me
that souls grind down so bright
and each fading spark
is learning how to fly


from Execute and Breathe, released April 1, 2014
lyrics: Skillman
music: Rabin


all rights reserved


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