Amber waves goodbye to the tower
that maintained her
Her tears are all run dry and the power
that enslaved her
has fallen like a cold November moon

Amber walks on by and a
team of ghosts surround her
They're learning how to fly and they
wish she could advise them
How to soar, soar like a balloon
Amber says, Amber says, “I’ll try”
and hurls herself skyward

Amber eats the sky, delicate and delicious
Lost her alibi now that gravity's released her
Forgotten, like the chains she used to wear
Amber can’t die, immortals live forever
In their palace high
and govern all the fools we mortals be
Fools just like the fool she used to be

Too long inside, how many years
Your god's getting old girl,
it's time to take her place

Who lost her eyes, so many years
Your god's in a cold world,
it's time to take her place

Amber's so far from home Free of its hold
Her wide eyes reflect a crown

When she got to the throne sat heavy in its gold
The team of ghosts held her down saying,
“You abandoned us, now you are one of us"

Amber breathes a sigh and the river flows on
I guess she had to cry so the river flows on
when the gates locked behind her
the river flowed … on

Amber waves goodbye
Amber walks on by
Amber can not die
Amber breathes a sigh

Amber waves goodbye
Amber walks on by
Soul eternally dry
Amber heaves a sigh

No more, would she see the sun
...feel the grass and run
...float against the wind
have to start again

Amber waves goodbye to the body
that enslaved her
Her tears are all run dry as the world
that maintained her
is nothing but a cruel and senseless dream


from Execute and Breathe, released April 1, 2014
lyrics: Skillman
music: Rabin


all rights reserved


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